Our website offers a variety of convenient services for our clients and some of them are listed below, but before that...what we offer is very, very simple. We have our very own 5000+ in house, diamond inventory, but if you don’t find it here or anywhere in our website We will run the halls of diamond exchanges worldwide for you and do anything necessary. in order to find you your specific request in no time maintaining prices well below wholesale, before they hit retail or jewelry stores prices. We simply get the job done.

Our website offers:


* Diamond Search  A very easy and convenient loose diamond search and an easy 4 step loose diamond search wizard.
* Pair Search Matching you the perfect pair, and after it does, our gemologists will confirm the match with their own eyes.
* Multiple Search Matching you multiple diamonds for a jewelry piece and after it does,
we will confirm the match as well.
* Follow Up

If your search had no results found and you are a registered user, when we find it, we will contact you personally with our best match for you request.

If you are not a registered user and we have no way of communicating with you

we will still find you the best match, and all you will need to do is to come back
to our website, to this web page, in a day or two where our best match for your request will show for a week untill removed.

* Comparison A true spread comparison sheet so you can compare each and every parameter between diamonds. you can compare multiple diamonds at once.
* Recent Search You can view your recent search results in a click of a button.
* Saved searches Saving your searches (with no limits on the number of searches saved).
* Excel Download Now you can Download your search results right into your own PC.
* Address Book If you own a chain of stores, you can manage your deliveries to each and every store in your chain, through you profile this way you save on additional shipping from your headquarters to your chain.
* Reserve options If you are interested in a specific diamond, but need some time, it can be reserved for you,  the diamond will be eliminated from the web site for 3 days.
* Easy payments Very easy payment methods – Google Checkout, PayPal, or simply call us for wire transfer to save on any additional fees.
* Track & Trace You will not need to visit UPS/FedEx/EMS websites as our site will do that for you.
* Order History You can look back on all your previous orders through the website. If an order was processed personally via email or phone and not through the website, we will update that order in your Order History.
* Affiliate Program We have a slightly different Affiliate program for the" long run" affiliates.
* Register Find out how we make every effort to assist you with your requests.
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