Personal Note

We would like to tell you, just a little about our state of mind at B2B-Diamond,
how we work, and why our list of customers grows by the day.

 This is not just your ordinary loose diamond search engine website.

The only generated email's registered member will receive will contain
notifications of our website updates and our daily deal, but that's it... 
where all the rest, will be up-front and personal.

Not even our "new member greeting" will be generated.
We will say hello ourselves, as we believe that selling diamonds,
even on the net, should be a close & personal issue.

Then there are our FAQ but know that instead of sending you to search for your answer
somewhere in the "FAQ", we would rather take the time to answer any question you might have,
even if we hear it for the 10th million time as in our world view,  there are no "short cuts"
to a long healthy and friendly business relationships.


What we do have automated is a great service for users who are not registered users ?
or users which for some reason do not wish to disclose contact information for us to reply to,
which no other website provides – guaranteed!! - The No Result Follow Up Page

Please also visit our services page to help understand why our customers are here to stay
and why our business, customer and friendship  lists grows by the day.


"Here you can buy and invest in a spirit of mutual confidence-Great seller,
Hans Dieter


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, concerns, comments or suggestions.

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