Enhanced Diamonds

Clarity enhanced Diamonds are 100% natural earth mined Diamonds. Almost every Diamond has natural inclusions or imperfections that are graded in terms of clarity.  The clarity enhancement term refers to a revolutionary process that eliminates "feathers", which naturally appear in most diamonds.

With the removal of these feathers the diamond can shine better than ever with more fire and brilliance. This process allows consumers to purchase a Diamond that is significantly better in clarity, size and brilliance than they normally would be able to.  The Clarity Enhanced diamond represents the best value for a customer looking for a big diamond look, with at a fraction of the cost who doesn’t want to compromise on the brilliance of their diamond.

 There are 3 enhancements than can be made in a diamond:

Fracture filling

If a diamond has external inclusions or cracks, found in nature or that accrued when polished. These external inclusions or cracks can be filled with a metal substance that is invisible to the naked eye., and looks just the same as every other non-enhanced diamond. This treatment can sometimes be seen with a magnified loupe.

Laser drilling

Should there be an inclusion in the diamond (like a black carbon dot) that is pretty close to the surface and not too deep in some diamonds there is a possibility to laser drill a microscopic hole in the diamond and by placing the diamond in high temperature, pull out the inclusion which will make the diamond's clarity grade, considerably a higher one. The laser hole is filled with the substance used for fracture filling.

A jeweler will need to know that it is a clarity enhanced diamond when setting it, he will know what to do. The diamond should not be heated to over 300 degrees or so and that can happen only in setting it, but other than that, and once it is set - it is permanent - there is no special care for the diamond.

Color enhancement

This treatment is made in order to give the diamond a better color grade or if wanting to give a diamond a fancy color for example blue or red color. This treatment is permanent and can not be re-done.

High pressure high temperature treatments

this treatment is also for improving a diamond's color. There are only less than 1% of all diamonds, which are suitable for this improvement. By High Temperature (HT) and High Pressure (HP) the appearance of a diamond can be improved much like the natural treatment of nature when the diamond was created. This is a non invasive treatment and is the recognized treatment by GIA. All and all - clarity enhanced diamonds are a great solution for a low budget. a non enhanced diamond can cost twice or three times as much and we have all of these as well.

Please contact us if you would like some more information on clarity enhanced diamonds or if you would like us to find you a very specific clarity enhanced diamond.

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