Conflict Free Diamonds

People have always been fascinated by the beauty of diamonds.
Numerous folklore and myths about diamonds were created over the centuries.
Inevitable was the fact that the diamonds were bound to bring out the ugly side
of peoples covetousness.


Blood diamonds, often called conflict diamonds,

are mined in war torn African countries by rebels to fund their conflict.


''Stop Blood Diamonds''

 is an organization pledged to stopping the exploitation of the diamond trade by human rights abusers.

B2B-Diamond is a proud to be a member of it is our responsibility

as diamond wholesalers and diamond manufactures, to do our part, and help you do yours,

as to not dealing with loose diamonds which cannot be proven to be clean.


One step of prevention of blood diamonds was implementing the Kimberly Process.
Which each and every diamond that we carry, passes. These diamonds from these area which

have passed this Kimberly process, are considered to be "clean" as opposed to blood diamonds.

To ensure that only clean loose diamonds are to find their way into the market,
all shipments of diamonds are required to have a Certificate of Origin.
These papers certify that the diamonds which come from a certain country
and not a country known to have blood diamond operations

Make sure jeweler's stops the blood diamonds trade by supporting conflict free diamonds

Please always read a stores conflict free diamonds policy before purchasing any diamond.

You can also visit for additional information.

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