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Welcome to B2B-diamond Affiliate Program

B2B-Diamond Affiliate Program is as 100% risk free.
But is a bit different than any other Affiliate program, and for your benefit!!

Join’s Affiliate Program
you won't believe how worthwhile this can turn out to be for you.

What is the essence of your affiliate program?

A little explanation of how the diamond industry works:
In general, a diamond goes a long way until it gets to its new owner.

for example:

Let's just say, a women comes in a jewelry store with a 5 stone diamond ring,
which 2 of the 5 diamonds fell off.
All 5 diamonds were of a very specific quality, color, clarity etc…
She insists on the 2 diamonds replaced, being with the exact same characteristics.

Chances are that this store does not have these 2 very specific diamonds.

What will happen next is the jewelry store contacts its diamond dealer,
who contacts his diamond distributer,
who contacts his diamond wholesalers,
which contact there diamond manufacturers,
you get the general idea....

On the way back to the store, everybody takes a small % of the actual cost of the diamond
and by the time it gets back to the stores its cost is allot more than it really should.
Therefore the client also "enjoys" higher prices.

This is where we come in…..
We have offices in the diamond exchange in Israel and have plenty of connections in
diamond bursas all over the world. NY, Miami, Antwerp, India

we have a large inventory containing 5000+ diamonds of our own and have access
to over 700,000 diamonds online and to thousands of diamonds that will never reach the net,
and this is true for each given day…

and if only this jewelry store knew about our fast service, extremely low prices,
and our biggest ability, which is finding very specific requests, and in no time,
there would be 2 diamonds exactly like they are searching for, 24 hours later,
on a plain to that store cutting off all the % that is added along the way.

And this is where you come in.
This is our offer to you
In the diamond industry, it is acceptable for a middleman to profit 1% for a closed sale,
which is app. 3% of the profit. what we offer you , is the same thing…

 !!! but for life !!!

No one in the diamond industry will offer you that and please let us further explain.

 If you introduce us to a jewelry store which will buy diamonds from our company,
on every deal from here on out, you will gain your % for life !
Think of what will happen if a jewelry store starts buying from us on a regular basis!!!

1% of a deal might sound low but keep in mind that there are deals that are of high values,
and you can profit allot from.

for example:
an avg. diamond of 1 carat ( which is the most popular purchased carat size worldwide )
can make you profit an avg. of 60$ !!!
Now multiple that by jewelry store requirement quantities!!!

And basically your job is done.

The "link" is what we need from you.

By actually doing allot at start and doing nothing at all after... you can make allot of money with us,
and you will not have to learn this business - we will take it from there...

Our goal is to get to as much diamond jewelry stores we possibly can.
With giving thanks by paying good money for people who lead us there…….

Promote website to your local jewelry stores, to all your friends,
family, customers, social clubs etc…
or on the world-wide net, marketplaces or  Web sites such as ,, , , , , , ,, etc…

How do I place my customers' orders?

Place your customers' orders directly through our Web site at
Or simply direct your clients to our website, but tell us who you've sent so we can link
this client to you for you to receive your earnings.


What is my cost? Do I get some kind of discount on your products?

Your cost is time basically.
There is no cost other than that.
We do not give discount on our products as there is no room for discounts!!!
The price in our website includes your %, and our profit intention is as low as it can possibly be
in order for us to be the lowest priced in the market and for you to be able to affiliate
and with us and achieve high volume sales quantity.


What are the shipping options?

After you place your customer orders at
you can either have us ship the products to your own registered home or business address so that
you may forward them in turn to your customers or have us ship the products directly to your customers
helping you save of additional shipping costs.
so you will have no worries regarding shipping schedules or insurance issues


Do you provide customer service support to my own customers?

Yes. We will, but only if you would like us to.
In general, there are allot of ways to work with us, and we are very open minded,
for new and interesting ways of cooperating, but there are two ways of working with us,
that affiliates usually pick from.
1. Getting our products directly, leaving them to do the rest.
    In this case, we will never approach your customer if not asked of us.
2. The preferred way for most of affiliates working with us, is to link us to consumers
   and go on to the next potential customer, leaving us to do our job, and simply letting   
   you continue with your affiliate and gaining new potential profit center's.


What forms of payment do you accept?

We currently accept Google checkout, PayPal, Authorize and of course wire-transfer.


What should I do next, if I am interested in joining your Affiliate Program?

To show serious willingness from your part, sign in as "Affiliate" and fill your information.
Or simply contact us in any way you see fit. After you sign in,  you become a part of the B2B-Diamond family and will be treated as such.
There are no signup fee or minimum monthly sales requirements. and you choose when where and how much, you would like to work with us.


Do you have printed catalogs?

No, We do not.  There is no catalog for diamonds and In this internet era there is no need for a jewelry catalog either. However we do have a digital catalog, and other than that, we can manufacture any ring from a photo people provide us, to the exact item in the photo. We understand that a catalog can be a helpful tool, however for maintaining low prices we prefer helping you out with any means we have available and still have attractive prices to be found over the net.


Do you provide a data feed?

Yes we do.  You may get your product descriptions & prices straight from our website
or simply email us at and we will gladly provide what ever it is you need.

If you have any questions about our Affiliate Program, Please feel free to contact us anyway you see fit, should you have any question,
or need any other information or guidance.


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